Testing Laboratories United was formed to empower four non-profit blood centers to continue to provide the highest quality testing services to the communities and customers they serve. The four non-profit blood centers are: Central California Blood Center (Fresno, CA), Community Blood Center (Appleton, WI), Oklahoma Blood Institute (Oklahoma City, OK), and QualTex Laboratories (San Antonio, TX and Norcoss, GA). Company managers elected Kim van Antwerpen as President and Ward Carter as Secretary.

The community blood centers are gaining economies of scale with their combined testing volumes and taking advantage of efficiencies in processes and best practice sharing within a cohesive, cooperative venture. “It is our mission to continue local, optimal service to our hospital partners, their patients and our communities.” states Kim van Antwerpen. We are excited to partner with three other institutional leaders in our industry to achieve the highest levels of value from our joint testing operations”.

Testing Laboratories United is structured to assist with clinical trials and help bring cutting edge equipment and advanced donor screening assays to market. Multi-center operational deployment opportunities afford a more robust and sophisticated proving ground for product development and refinement. This enabling of innovation holds great promise for improving performance and streamlining operations in this crucial blood safety process.

Testing Laboratories United is also dedicated to keeping blood centers nimble in adapting to the explosion of new cell therapy, personalized medicine, and community health screening opportunities arising for blood centers. This proactive approach will give medical providers in their communities the best chance to be early adopters of new cures and treatments that are fast coming to market.