As part of its inventory management support services, BCA supports members entering into contracts to provide or procure surplus inventory over a specified period of time.

While BCA’s resource sharing program supports ad hoc exchanges, members sometimes recognize an on-going need to supplement their routine inventories or to support them in the acquisition of new hospital customers until they can support that client on their own. Whether a short or long-term endeavor, such a supply contract may be more appropriate than ad hoc purchases.

BCA can facilitate such standing supply contracts with the identification of opportunities, as well as the negotiations and communication between parties. BCA can locate the best blood center partner by providing the services necessary for a closed bid process, negotiation and contract execution. BCA also monitors all contracts and provides back up supplier services for all members through our national resource sharing program. All units exchanged ad hoc and on contract are conveniently handled through BCA’s Accounting Services, free of charge for its members.

If you are interested in requesting proposals or offering product for such needs, please contact Karen O’Hara.