BCA arranges for sales of product and services which require supply from multiple centers.

While BCA has frequent opportunity to point potential clients to individual centers for the provision of products or services, BCA’s real value-add to members in terms of sales is most often related to coordinating the sale of products which can only be provided through a collaboration of multiple centers.

Pursuing, procuring and coordinating the sale of high-volume, aggregated products and services is often as valuable to members as BCA’s group purchasing function. Centralized Accounting Services for all such sales is also a great benefit to both member and clients.

This aggregated product/service sale is complex, requiring a central party like BCA to spearhead. Such sales primarily involve the sale of two types of product or service:

a) traditional or expired member products, but at higher volumes than any one center is capable of providing

BCA endeavors to find a market for each and every blood component, even those unsuitable for transfusion, thereby maximizing the therapeutic benefit of every collection. Where BCA can source a need for products which would otherwise remain unsold, this additional revenue helps support member operations and keep costs low for customers.

Selling through a proven and reliable network provides greater opportunities and support in maintaining contract commitments even when the individual member cannot, as well as in securing the most efficient transportation.

By way of example, BCA currently holds more than 25 contracts to provide clients with:

  • Recovered Plasma,
  • Expired red cells,
  • Expired platelets (Apheresis and Whole Blood Random),
  • Buffy coats (Source Leukocytes),
  • RBCs with specific antigen profiles for blood typing reagent manufacturing,
  • Whole blood, and
  • Non-injectable plasma.

b) blood product, cellular or tissue collection, processing, or storage services

A wide range of life science clients including biotech, pharma, device, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy companies require blood products, cells or tissues collected per their own specification. The biological materials are used for research, testing, or the production of therapeutic products. They are collected with strict compliance to client specification and protocol even, where required, adherence to cGMP and other clinical-grade regulations.

Where required BCA can also ensure that such products and services are only performed by and in FACT, AABB, and/or AABB-accredited facilities and ensure such requisite accreditations are maintained in good standing.

If you are interested in speaking with someone at BCA about providing such Group Contracting services, contact Lisa Shaffer.