Molecular Assay for Blood Compatibility Testing from Immucor Approved by FDA

Immucor PreciseType™ HEA Test Becomes the First-Ever FDA-Approved Diagnostic for Molecular Typing of Donor and Recipient Red Blood Cells for Blood Transfusions

Addresses critical unmet needs in blood banking and transfusion medicine – a fast, FDA-approved way to generate critical genetic matching information necessary to:

  • Prevent alloimmunization and reduce risk of painful and potentially life-threatening transfusion reactions for patients receiving transfusions of red blood cells (RBC)
  • Identify and maximize appropriate use of donor blood containing rare antigens


Indiana Blood Center to join CTTM

Milwaukee, Wis., — November 14, 2014 – The Centers for Transfusion and Transplant Medicine (CTTM) today announced that Indiana Blood Center, headquartered in Indianapolis, will become the fourth affiliate of CTTM effective January 1, 2015. Established in 1952, Indiana Blood Center is the largest independent blood center in Indiana.


GSABC Vendor Qualification Program has transitioned to BCA

As a result of the merger between GSABC and BCA, the GSABC Vendor Qualification Program has transitioned to BCA.  BCA recognizes the value this centralized process offers our blood center members as well as many vendors. Please note that if you are a BCA Member you will continue to have complete access to all of the vendor qualification information which is now located on the BCA member dashboard  You will be required to enter your login information for the dashboard and then will find a vendor qualification tab containing all of the available documents.  If you do not already have a login then please follow the prompts on the login page to contact Greg Bishop and he will assign a login for you.  If you have specific questions about the vendor qualification program please contact Gena Swisher