Digital Hub Connects Blood Transfusion Patients with Facts and Resources for Life-Saving Treatment Options

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July 11, 2019                                                                Jenny Ficenec,


Digital Hub Connects Blood Transfusion Patients with Facts and Resources for Life-Saving Treatment Options

WEST WARWICK, Rhode Island – (July 11, 2019) – Nearly 4.5 million Americans each year receive life-saving treatment using donated blood. To empower these patients and their families, Blood Centers of America has launched blood4me, an online resource that provides access to research, answers questions and offers support throughout the transfusion process. It is funded by the Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation.

“Transfusions play a vital role in saving lives, improving recovery time, providing hope and caring for patients across the U.S.,” said John Armitage, M.D., past chairman of BCA who has been a driving force behind the initiative. “Doctors rely on transfusions to treat both acute and chronic conditions — from disease to injury to surgery to chemotherapy. For these patients, transfusions can help make a meaningful difference in overall care and health outcomes.”

One patient diagnosed with aplastic anemia said his first blood transfusion brought feelings of fear as he came to terms with the realities of the disease. Without the right resources or information, this experience can be the norm. blood4me aims to guide patients through the process, helping ensure they’re in the best position to receive the care that best meets their unique needs.

“We often hear of confusion and misconceptions around blood transfusions,” Dr. Armitage said. “This is a new, accessible empowerment tool for patients and their loved ones which will help reduce anxiety and confusion and increase safety and satisfaction.”

Improved outcomes and experiences can make a lasting impact for patients. Each year, BCA members alone distribute an estimated 6.5 million total blood components.[1]

Bill Block, BCA President and CEO, noted that “Hope is in our blood. blood4me’s goal is to ensure patients have the opportunity to research, ask questions and participate in decisions about the care they receive. blood4me offers support to patients to help make each transfusion as smooth and effective as possible.”

blood4me is managed by the Foundation for Blood Centers of America and supported through a grant from the Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation. For more information, visit

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[1] Based on 2017 data.