BioBridge Global Expanding Efforts and Reach into Advanced Therapies

Becky Cap to Lead Business Development Efforts

SAN ANTONIO– BioBridge Global, a nonprofit healthcare services organization, announced today that, building on the success of GenCure, its wholly owned biomanufacturing subsidiary, it is expanding its services and reach into advanced therapies.

To lead the effort, the organization has named Becky Cap to the role of Senior Vice President, Business Development, BioBridge Global Advanced Therapies.

“This is a natural extension of our organization and mission,” said Martin Landon, Chief Executive Officer of BioBridge Global.  “Our customers pursuing cell and gene therapy breakthroughs have needs that extend beyond just process development and biomanufacturing, and we have capabilities across our enterprise to support and aid those efforts.

“Becky is perfectly positioned to coordinate these cross-enterprise activities and services, and we’ve developed a solid portfolio of offerings and capabilities in this space.”

BioBridge Global integrates donor-to-patient services through its three subsidiaries, South Texas Blood & Tissue, QualTex Laboratories and GenCure, to enable the future of biotherapeutic solutions, including blood, tissue and advanced therapies.

Cap, previously Chief Operating Officer of GenCure, will take on responsibilities from strategy to business development to relationship management in the advanced therapies space.

“When we built our biomanufacturing capability, it was with the intent to round out our service offerings to complete what we call the donor-to-patient continuum,” Cap said.

“BioBridge Global has been taking donor material, processing it, ensuring its safety and putting it back into patients for almost 50 years. Our efforts in advanced therapies are the next phase of our evolution in serving our community.”

She noted that customers have responded well to the range of products and services the organization offers in starting materials, testing, and biomanufacturing.

“Moving to a position of delivering those products and services consistently, in a coordinated and high-quality fashion, allows our customers and our operational teams to focus on the collaboration and execution that are critical to product development success,” Cap said.

“I’m excited to tell our story and to work across the enterprise to support our customers’ therapeutic development and delivery.”

Cap is a veteran of the life sciences industry and has been Chief Operating Officer at GenCure since 2016.

A native of Texas, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Management. She began her career at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Her move to industry began at Eidetics, a consulting firm focused on informing biomedical product development strategy and execution.

She is an active member of local and national committees on regenerative medicine and cell therapy and serves on two private company boards of directors.

“At the recent Meeting on the Mesa, the majority of our meetings involved a discussion of services covering multiple operating segments of the organization,” Cap said. “We have a mature, high-quality infrastructure in place to provide customers with starting materials, process engineering, product development, manufacturing, and associated testing from clinical to commercial stage.”

GenCure operations will now be overseen by Mark Fite. Fite joined BioBridge Global in July 2020 and has been Chief Operating Officer of QualTex Laboratories since June 2021. He brings more than 30 years of wide-ranging operations experience from a variety of biomedical and pharmaceutical organizations.


About BioBridge Global
BioBridge Global, a San Antonio-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, integrates donor-to-patient services to enable the future of biotherapeutic solutions, including blood, tissue and advanced therapies. Through its subsidiaries – South Texas Blood & Tissue, QualTex Laboratories and GenCure – BioBridge Global provides products and services in blood resource management, cellular therapy manufacturing, donated umbilical cord blood and human tissue, as well as testing of blood, plasma, tissue and cellular products for clients in the United States and international markets. It supports the development of advanced therapies by providing access to starting materials, testing services, biomanufacturing and clinical trials support. BioBridge Global is committed to saving and enhancing lives through the healing power of human cells and tissue. Learn more at