BCA’s blood center network provides birth tissues and bone marrow.  Birth tissue includes placenta and cord tissue. Bone marrow can be provided as the unprocessed aspirate or processed concentrate (for tissue-derived cell fractions, see our Cells section).  BCA also has a select number of centers providing adipose tissue.

All tissues are provided unique per client specifications, protocols and compliance requirements. All tissue products can be provided as research-grade materials or, where required, in compliance with clinical-grade, cGMP regulatory standards. All BCA Blood Centers hold required FDA and state licenses and many hold various voluntary accreditations by AABBFACT, and AATB, and several comply with relevant EU and ISO standards.

BCA also provides consulting services to clients needing assistance with respect to the acquisition of biological materials and/or their distribution and associated logistics.

Contact Gena Swisher to speak more about how BCA might help with tissue acquisition or provision.