Whole Blood & Red Blood Cells


Blood is a complex substance made up of many components, none as vital as the Red Blood Cell (RBC). Providing blood its rich red color and ability to carry oxygen to every cell in the body, RBCs are decidedly the primary component of blood.

These Blood products are routinely manufactured to meet the following specifications for clinical transfusion. Modifications in production, volume, storage, and age can be made to produce the ideal product for further manufacture or research and development.

Products Available

  • Whole Blood (CPD)
  • Whole Blood (CP2D)
  • Whole Blood (CPDA-1)
  • Custom Collections
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Red Blood Cells (leukoreduced)
  • Irradiated Red Blood Cells
  • CMV Negative Red Blood Cells
  • Antigen Negative Red Blood Cells
  • Custom Collections