BCA members are capable and experienced in providing cells derived from whole blood, apheresis collections, cord blood, leukocyte-rich products, bone marrow, birth tissue, etc.

BCA members employ a wide-array of cell selection techniques/systems including density gradient, positive/negative beads, elutriation, centrifugation, etc.

Product Capabilities

  • Stem Cells
  • Immune cells
  • Progenitor Cells
  • Fully differentiated cells identified by a full-range of markers such as CD4, CD8, CD14, CD23, CD34, CD35, CD29, CD45, CD56, CD133, etc.Mononuclear cell collections
  • Specific cell fractions

Service Capabilities

  • Cell processing
  • Product Irradiation services
  • Freezing services
  • Cell Viability and Storage
  • Controlled and Monitored Shipping and Logistics
  • IRB Services
  • Consulting services regarding the acquisition of biological materials and/or their distribution and associated logistics.

Donor Types

  • Healthy donor
  • Specific donor-type
  • Disease-specific donors
  • Patient Donors

Cells can be collected per standard protocol or per client-specific procedures. Processing and delivery volumes, configurations, and containers can also be per site-standard or per client specification.

Cells are provided as research-grade materials or, where required, in compliance with clinical-grade, cGMP regulatory standards. All BCA Blood Centers hold required FDA and state licenses and many hold various voluntary accreditations by AABBFACT, and AATB, and several comply with relevant EU and ISO standards.

Contact Gena Swisher to speak more about how BCA might assist with your cell collection needs or services.