About BCA’s National Blood Contracting Program:

BCA offers national and regional blood contracting services to large hospital networks, ACOs, IDNs and health systems. We deliver high-quality blood products and customized solutions at a competitive price. Because of our large-scale network, we are able to aggregate purchasing volume and negotiate discounted contracts with vendors for our member blood centers – which allows us to pass down cost savings to our customers.

The cost of a transfusion is more than just the cost per unit of blood. That’s why we offer supply chain solutions that focus on the whole value chain to control costs and improve patient outcomes. Our custom services are competitively priced through flexible, transparent negotiations that enable us to streamline all processes and eliminate the need for additional supply partners.

If interested in learning more about our national blood contracting capabilities, please contact Jennifer Kapral.

About BCA Members

Each of our trusted member blood centers operates independently with unique capabilities. Yet all of our members share a singular priority: providing high-quality blood products for patients in communities both large and small. BCA members are deeply rooted in the communities they serve and understand the unique local blood needs and supply challenges. Services include:

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Transfusion Services and Consultation
  • Immunohematology Reference Labs
  • Patient Blood Management
  • Therapeutic Apheresis