While meeting the transfusion needs in the local community is a primary focus for every blood center, BCA and its member centers also provide other high-quality products and services to healthcare providers and life science companies.

For healthcare clients:

BCA is the nation’s largest blood supply network and provides over thirty percent of the nation’s blood supply – collecting and distributing of more than 5.4 million blood units annually. Members bring value and efficiencies to the healthcare system, and maintain strong standing with regulators and voluntary certifying agencies. Along with their core business, members provide a myriad of other services, for example: cell therapies, blood management, therapeutic apheresis, tissue and cord blood banking, and others.

For life science clients:

BCA provides thousands of units of biological materials to life science researchers, clinicians, therapeutic companies, or companies doing medical device, diagnostic or therapeutic development work. These products are surplus of what is needed at any given time by the healthcare sector or collected specifically for these purposes.

Blood centers can supply products that are used in the manufacture of other life-saving medicines such as clotting factors for hemophiliacs or immune globulins for neurological disorders.

BCA blood centers are also skilled at highly specialized cell collections that are used as cell-based cancer immunotherapies and even stem cell transplants.

BCA works with its client to match the supply with the need in an efficient and supportive manner.

Following are examples of Clients who value the expertise and partnership they’ve found in working with BCA:

  • CSL
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Dendreon
  • Opexa
  • Pfizer
  • Sysmex

If you would like to speak to someone about what BCA might do for you or ask for a reference from one of our clients, contact Lisa Shaffer.