BCA provides thousands of units of biological materials from its member blood and tissue centers to clients each year. These products are either:Lab Techn with Frozen Plasma

  1. part of our planned inventory
  2. surplus of what is needed at any given time by the healthcare sector
  3. collected specifically for a client per their specifications.

BCA also provides consulting services to clients needing assistance with respect to the acquisition of biological materials and/or their distribution and associated logistics.


BCA Clients include:

Hospitals Clinical Labs Pharmaceutical Companies
BioTech Companies Cell Therapy Companies Device Companies
Diagnostic Companies Life Science Research Organizations Universities


Available BCA member products include:

  • Blood and Blood Components.  Blood components such as red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitate are life-saving products inventoried by our BCA blood centers. Inventoried or in stock blood and blood products are collected and processed per typical specifications and volumes as described in the Circular of Information. Custom products can be collected and/or manufactured to meet client needs, specifications, protocols, and compliance requirements.
  • Tissues.  BCA brokers the acquisition and provision of tissues provided by members to Clients.       Tissue Center members offer a complete line of Allograft bone, sports tissue and dermal tissue
  • Cells.  Most BCA members have the infrastructure, experience, and expertise to provide a wide variety of cell fractions selected from blood or tissue they handle ranging from the simple to complex, involving a wide range of protocols and devices. Cell counts or other characterizations can often be performed on-site to ensure quality control per client specifications.

About BCA Members:

Blood Centers of America members are full service blood and transfusion service providers to their hospital customers and are an important part of the communities they serve.  Several BCA members are also cord blood banks and/or tissue centers.  All BCA Blood Centers hold required FDA and state licenses, many hold various voluntary accreditations by AABB, FACT, and AATB.  Several members comply with relevant EU and ISO standards.  BCA works to match research and commercial customers up with the blood center(s) that can best meet their needs.

BCA members are uniquely qualified to provide products collected using strict cGMP and cGTP practices.  BCA members have the experience, knowledge and facilities needed for compliant collection of blood, tissue and cell based materials for life saving therapies.


The BCA Advantage:

  • Single point of contact point for entire network
  • National footprint provides geographic coverage for patient collections
  • Centralized negotiation, on-boarding and management of agreement
  • Accessible, knowledgeable and responsive staff

For more information about BCA’s capabilities please contact Gena Swisher.